Wazapp and Clap! create the augmented app for the comic book Melville by Romain Renard on iPad. The comic book is edited by Le Lombard.

Discover the augmented comic book!
Comic book like you’ve never seen before!

For Le Lombard and Clap! Wazapp create the first application for augmented comic book, a new way to enjoy comic books.

Thanks to your iPad and the app Melvile, discover bonus in link with the pages you’re reading.

Unseen videos, fabrication’s secrets or X-rayed layout in exclusive mode, a whole new world is waiting for you to be revealed. Spot the augmented pages from the index and simply target the page with your iPad to discover bonus.

Enjoy the original soundtrack especially made for the book to lead you throught your reading. Each music matches with a chapter of the Melvile comic book. The beginning of each chapter is reported by its page number.

The Melvile app is also more than 50 bonus to download : unseen illustrations, photo trackings and backgrounds adapted for iPad.

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