Add an android app for terminals, multi-touch tables or touch panels…

Develop an app or upgrade it to ensure the « three-steps » principle : successfull purchase, satisfactory use and a fair after-sales-service, as it is essential to improve customer satisfaction in-stores with an up-to-date and rewarding experience

Wazapp offers a wide range of touchscreens and terminals, from 10 to 103 inches (eg 25 to 262 cm).
– Interactive Indoor Terminal
– Self-service payment terminal
– Multi-touch Tables
– Interactive Outdoor Terminal
– Touch Panels
– Secured docking station for touchpads

All our items are tested, proven and recommended by ourself and our customers.

The roll out of your application is included as well as maintenance and support during the entire duration of use. We can also develop specific features to customise your app with your needs.