Proof of concept App

Don’t hesitate no more in creating your application. Create a POC! 

In case you are still not sure to create your App, a POC (proof of concept) as a prototype may help you taking the right decision.
To deploy an app on a large scale that you’ve never seen running in an IT environment may be risky. PoC is a demonstration with the aim of verifying that the idea has practical potential.

With this approach, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with your team and target audience in order to refine your app strategy.

Our offer starts from 10.000€ HT including :

– A half day’s co-creating with a project manager, a UX designer, a developer and your committed team
– Agile Advancement
– Tree structure creation
– Design of 30 screens
– Interaction between screens
– An interactive app delivered

POC made in 3 weeks!
Contact us if you want to know more!