FlashPoker by PartyPoker

Wazapp has created this FlashPoker application for Party Poker / Bwin.

A quick poker game App up to 8 players

Whose turn is next to do the washing up ? Who’s going to pay the bill ? Challenge your friends with Bwin Flask Poker Application !

A popular game among poker players. Each gamer is given two cards, then 5 cards are dealt out and the winner is the one who has the best hand.

– Up to 8 players
– A free and fast game
– 2 game play modes : single out a winner or a looser
– 2 speed modes : Regular (Flop, turn, River) or Turbo
– Texas Hold’em Poker Rules and the hands to learn more about Poker.
– No on-line money betting
– No account to create
– No need to be connected to play

iPhone or Android App

iOS Android Objective C