The mobile learning in respect with the employees training strategy : This is what this concept is all about!

In other words, that is new way to learn or to be trained using a smarphone or a tablet, wherever and whenever you want!

Whatever kind of content you may use such as simple texts, messages, images or even videos capsules…

As a trainer using our m-learning training plateform you are able to :
– Create questions and anwsers (free, checkbox, radio button)
– Add vidéos from youtube/vimeo or Dailymotion
– Create sequences, alerts and anwser pop-ups
– Track
– Notify performances to users

From the application :
– Login/Password
– Videos capsules reading
– Answers
– Direct access to questions /sequences

The roll out of your application is included as well as maintenance and support during the entire duration of use. We can also develop specific features to customise your app with your needs.